Ask our experts

Kim, sleep expert

Favourite topic: ergonomics

I am passionate about surfing. Several times a year I go surfing with my friends or with my three sons. It's pure bliss. It's an amazing sport, but it puts a lot of pressure on the back. So I know better than anyone how important it is to focus on ergonomics when choosing a bed.

Do you sometimes suffer from neck or back pain? Not sure about your sleeping posture? I am happy to share my advice.

Marijke, sleep expert

Favorite topic: pillows

As a mother of four children, including Victore and Mathilde, I am sometimes called the "mother hen" of De Nachtwacht. As a side sleeper, I sometimes used to suffer from shoulder pain and a stiff neck. A good pillow instantly solved the problem. 

Need a new pillow? Then be sure to visit De Nachtwacht. I will gladly let you test some pillows at home, in your familiar surroundings. 

Victore, sleep expert

Favourite topic: bedding

I graduated as a beautician. My passion for aesthetics and everything beautiful is fully reflected in the finishing of our beds. Together with you, I will look for the right bedding for your bedroom. After all, no matter how beautiful, stylish and luxuriously decorated your bedroom is, a bed always takes centre stage in the room. So choosing the right bedding is more than just a detail.

Mathilde, sleep expert

The jill of all trades at De Nachtwacht

I am a real morning person. I like to get up early to go jogging and prepare for my next marathon. So by the time De Nachtwacht opens its doors, I've often had an active morning already. As an administrative jill of trades and all-round salesgirl, I will gladly help you in the search for your dream bed and follow up your order afterwards.  

Olivier and Lievin, our experts on the road

Delivery and installation team

As brothers-in-law, we are perfectly geared to one other and we form a great team. Actually, we are the "bearers of happiness" at De Nachtwacht. Quite literally, because when we drive onto your driveway with our van, you know you'll have a blissful night ahead. We install your new bed with great care and, if necessary, we take your old bed free of charge. A clean sweep for a good sleep!

Amélie, sleep expert

Auping specialist

Two of my favourite sports are hiking and cycling. I love to work up a sweat in competitions or with my boyfriend!

Auping, the Dutch brand we created a whole shop-in-shop for at De Nachtwacht, also has that young and energetic feel. 

I enjoy helping people, also in French, because that's my mother tongue.


Marketing and communication

It may have something to do with my Spanish roots, but I like to explore the world. If it's not through travelling, it's by reading a good book.

It gives me tons of inspiration, which I also try to turn into fresh and contemporary communication for De Nachtwacht.