Ergonomic pillows

Your ideal pillow depends on a number of factors:

  • Personal preferences
  • Shoulder and neck width
  • Favourite sleep position
  • How deep you like your shoulders to sink into the mattress when you sleep
  • Your preferred materials
  • The weight of your head

Ergonomic pillows at De Nachtwacht

At De Nachtwacht we offer a large selection of pillows in different materials, shapes, heights and hardness levels. Some pillows can even be adjusted in height and hardness afterwards.

Do you suffer from neck or back problems? Together we will look for the ideal pillow, so that your neck and shoulders can recover optimally. Since everyone is different and we don't always know which bed you sleep on, we offer you the opportunity to try out your favourite pillow for free for a few nights. We will show you how to use the ergonomic pillow, and afterwards you can try it out in your own bed, obligation-free. 

If you realise you would prefer something different, you can try another pillow as well. If at first you don’t succeed, try again... Our goal? 100% satisfied customers...

Visit our consultants at our showroom in Kortrijk or ask your question online.


Need expert advice?

We are happy to advise you! Visit our store in Kortrijk where our Nachtwacht team is ready to answer all your questions!

Ergonomic pillow for neck pain

Do you suffer from neck pain when you get up? Your pillow may be the culprit. With the right ergonomic pillow, neck pain and even back pain can be improved or prevented. 

Ergonomic pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers

Our range includes different types of ergonomic pillows. Are you a side or back sleeper? We will help you find the right pillow. We even have adapted ergonomic cushions for stomach sleepers. Wondering which pillow best suits your sleep position? Discover it here!