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All about the Somnox sleep robot by Auping

The Somnox sleep robot by Auping

Somnox, the first sleep robot in the world, was conceived and designed by students of the TU Delft Robotics Institute in collaboration with Auping. The sleep robot improves your sleep experience by calming your body and mind, and reducing stress and anxiety. Some of the effective and proven features of Somnox are:


  • breathing exercises
  • relaxing music
  • a sense of cosiness

Studies have already shown that a calm breathing pattern is naturally essential to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Somnox responds to this by simulating breathing with falling and rising movements. Automatically and subconsciously your own breathing will adapt to this, generating a calming effect. In addition, Somnox also emits a number of soothing sounds such as a heartbeat, relaxing meditation and lullabies. Thanks to the ergonomic shape and soft materials used, Somnox gives you a comfortable and safe feeling when you hold it. The sleep robot also features a washable pillow case that can be washed at 60°C. 


Somnox sleep robot experiences

"When I woke up at night, the Sleep Robot turned on again, allowing me to fall asleep again quickly."


In the meantime, many people who have tested the sleep robot have shared their positive experiences online. But who is the sleep robot best suited for?


The Somnox sleep robot works best for people who have difficulty falling asleep, especially due to stress. Stress and a bad night’s sleep or a lack of sleep can lead to a vicious circle that is difficult to break. The sleep robot can offer a solution, preventing the use of addictive medication. So Somnox is specifically designed for people with stress-related insomnia. The Somnox sleep robot is therefore less suitable for people who suffer from sleep apnea, sleep problems due to physical issues (for example people who lie awake due to pain) or restless legs.

Test the Somnox sleep robot

Would you like to test the sleep robot? Borrow the Somnox sleep robot from our ‘Sleepbib’ - the sleep library - to test it out at home and let us know what you thought of it. If you liked it, you can order the sleep robot afterwards. Not your thing? No problem! Maybe our tips to fall asleep better and faster can help you


Do you have any more questions? Feel free to visit our showroom or contact us. Together we will see how we can improve your sleep.