De Nachtwacht offers you different types of SmartSleeve protectors.

  • SmartSleeve Premium
  • SmartSleeve Premium Waterproof
  • SmartSleeve Essential 
  • SmartSleeve Essential Waterproof
  • SmartSleeve Pillow

How does a SmartSleeve protector work?

SmartSleeve is a revolutionary mattress protector and pillow protector that optimises your comfort, health and the hygiene of your mattress. The SmartSleeve mattress protectors combine three top technologies

The fabric is knitted in a special 3D structure that permanently ventilates the mattress and reduces the body’s pressure on the mattress. SmartSleeve regulates the moisture content and temperature of the sleeping environment. A probiotic biotechnology in the fabric keeps your mattress clean in a 100% natural way. 

All these advantages are the recipe for a smart, heavenly bed! 

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3D-cross structure: Cairfull by SmartSleeve

Cairfull’s 3-dimensional cross structure provides a ventilating layer of air in your protective cover. Movement stimulates the air circulation under the body and the evaporation of the absorbed moisture. The air layer also distributes the heat evenly across the entire sleeping surface. 

Probiotics: Purotex by SmartSleeve

Purotex uses active probiotics technology. These probiotics on your protective cover reduce the amount of house dust mite allergens by 93.7% after two weeks! In other words, the active probiotics create a fresh and clean environment for you to sleep in. Do you suffer from an allergy? Discover our tips to choose the right mattress. 

Adaptive by SmartSleeve: regulates moisture content and temperature

Adaptive treats the SmartSleeve with a temperature-sensitive polymer and gives a dynamic response: the warmer it gets, the more Adaptive helps moisture evaporate. More evaporation means a drier and cooler sleeping environment.