What makes a Hästens bed so unique?

  • based on no less than 166 years of experience 
  • purveyor to the Swedish royal court 
  • made entirely of natural materials 
  • filled with allergen-free horsehair 
  • features the iconic blue and white checks
  • price of a box spring, mattress and mattress topper 180x200 cm: starting from 6,390 euro (catalogue price)

100% natural - you can take that quite literally at Hästens

Hästens beds are consistently made with natural materials such as horsehair.

That is quite labour-intensive. The horsetails are (of course) first thoroughly washed and combed. Then the hair is heated under high pressure to a temperature of up to 140°C, causing it to curl heavily. Once it is disentangled, each curly strand works like a small spring, but also has excellent ventilating properties, cooling the mattress naturally. Moreover, horsehair is also completely allergen-freeThat makes horsehair the ideal filling for a mattress.

But there’s more. Hästens also chooses the softest cotton, the purest wool and local flax for its mattresses. The bed frames are made from selected pine from the forests of northern Sweden and the springs are made from Swedish steel.

You will discover the Hästens Adjustable, Superia, Maranga, Eala, Herlewing and 2000T on the Hästens floor in our store.  

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Hästens: 166 years old, but alive and kicking 

Hästens boasts a rich history. In 1852, Pehr Adolf Janson started working as a saddler in Köppin, Sweden, an hour's drive from Stockholm. He used horsehair in his saddles and called his brand ‘Hästens’, which is derived from the Swedish word for horse. Soon he started studying the unique properties of horsehair and he produced a limited number of mattresses.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, when cars replaced horses as the main means of transport, Hästens focused entirely on making mattresses and beds.

The production site is still located in Köppin - “our natural biotope”, as the current sixth-generation director of the company defines it. Meanwhile, the team has expanded considerably. In the 1970s, the workshop was home to some twenty expert craftsmen. Today, the team has increased almost tenfold. However, the dedication and craftsmanship remain the same.

Successfully so, also in Sweden itself, because since 1952 Hästens can proudly call itself purveyor to the Swedish royal court...

The iconic Hästens checks 

In the 1960s and 1970s, colours such as brown, green and orange were the standard shades in many bedrooms. When Jack Ryde, then CEO of Hästens, presented his blue-and-white chequered pattern at a trade fair in the 1970s, he was heavily criticised. Friend and foe advised him to take that ridiculous pattern off the market. But Ryde was too stubborn. 

Fast-forward four decades and the blue-and-white chequered pattern is trendier than ever. In has become iconic even, and symbolises Hästens' passionate pursuit of quality in crafting beds, day in, day out...

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