Buy a box spring

Buy a box spring

A box spring is a bed with a simple, highly ergonomic design. It consists of two or three mattresses stacked on top of each other.

The advantages of a box spring

A box spring is higher to get into. You can choose a flat or an electric box spring. And there’s no annoying hard central strip. The dual mattress system guarantees optimal pressure distribution, drainage of moisture and ventilation.

A box spring has a luxurious appearance and offers an excellent night's sleep!


Need expert advice?

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Box spring sizes

De Nachtwacht offers both single and double box springs.

  • Single box spring 90x200, 90x210 or 90x220 cm
  • Single box spring 120x200, 120x210 or 120x220 cm
  • Double box spring 140x200, 140x210 or 140x220 cm
  • Double box spring 160x200, 160x210 or 160x220 cm
  • Double box spring 180x200, 180x210 or 180x220 cm
  • Double box spring 200x200, 200x210 or 200x220 cm

The height of a box spring varies between 40 and 50 cm.

Box spring prices

Visit our shop to try out the different box springs. Our experienced staff can answer all your questions about prices, interior suspension, ventilation and other features.

Looking to buy a box spring? Curious about the prices of a box spring? At De Nachtwacht you will find a wide choice of high-quality boxsprings. Contact us for more sleep advice!