Mattress protectors

The advantages of a mattress protector

Mattress protectors at De Nachtwacht

At De Nachtwacht we have a wide choice of mattress protectors. You can choose from molton, quilted cotton or wool, or a 3D knit.

Each offers a solution to issues that may disturb your sleep:

  • Do you have any allergies?
  • Do you often feel too hot or too cold in bed?
  • Do you sometimes have hot flashes?
  • Are you looking for a waterproof but breathable mattress protector?
  • Or maybe you just want to keep your mattress and pillow clean and tidy?

Our mattress protectors are available in a wide range of sizes and materials. We also have the perfect solution to protect a mattress topper or a very thick mattress. Don’t hesitate to contact us or drop by for more info. 


Need expert advice?

We are happy to advise you! Visit our store in Kortrijk where our Nachtwacht team is ready to answer all your questions!

Why use a mattress protector?

We lose an average of 1 glass of moisture every night. Much of this moisture penetrates into the mattress. A mattress protector stops this and gives bacteria, mould and house dust mite no chance. In addition, a mattress protector helps prevent unpleasant odours and stains.

The SmartSleeve mattress protectors provide extra ventilation, moisture regulation, resilience and comfort.