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About our shop...

When Kim Vanacker founded De Nachtwacht with his wife in 1997, he already had a lot of experience in the mattress sector. As sales manager for mattress fabric manufacturer Monks International, run by Luc Tack (later named Manager of the Year 2014), he had visited almost all European mattress manufacturers in various countries. He knew very well how different the contents (and quality) of mattresses could be, even if they all looked equally beautiful... 

So, once he decided to buy a retail property of barely 150 m2 at Bouwcentrum Pottelberg in Kortrijk, he very quickly gained the trust of major brands such as Swissflex, Auping and Magnitude. It was already clear to Kim at the time that he only wanted to offer quality beds. That approach proved to be the right one. In 2007 the shop was expanded to cover a total retail area of 600 m2. In just a decade, De Nachtwacht became an established name in Flanders.

Until fate struck… During the night of 2 to 3 October 2009, a fire ravaged the Pottelberg site where De Nachtwacht was located. The fire in the adjoining building completely destroyed the shop. De Nachtwacht had no choice but to look for a new location and eventually settled in a former flax warehouse and car garage along Meensesteenweg in Kortrijk. This new location opened its doors in 2010. Since then, many brands and manufacturers have called De Nachtwacht the most beautiful sleep shop in Belgium... 

Kim has always remained true to his 1997 starting point: De Nachtwacht works only with the best European brands. That is why today, the shop even sells top brands such as Vispring and Hästens. Over the years, De Nachtwacht has grown considerably, but it is still very much a family business: meanwhile, Mathilde and Victore Vermote (Kim's nieces ) have become co-managers. And they too share Uncle Kim's quest for quality. 

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