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We are convinced that a good night's sleep is the key to a happy and healthy life. Therefore, we will go the extra mile to help you find the perfect bed.

In addition to a wide range of box springs, bed slats, mattresses and bedding, at De Nachtwacht we also excel in custom sleep advice. Discover everything you need for your bedroom and come and try out your new bed for yourself in the most beautiful sleep shop in Belgium.

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We take ample time to look for the bed, mattress, bedlinen or pillow that best suits your needs: we know only too well how important this purchase is, so we inform you with passion and we offer you a vast product selection. As you know, from now on you will have to schedule an appointment to visit our store. Contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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De Nachtwacht

Our advice, collections and 20 years of experience ensure that you will find the ideal bed with us. We take plenty of time to find the bed and mattress that best suit your needs in terms of budget and style, always keeping account of any back or neck problems, allergies and so on. We go the extra mile to guarantee our customers a blissful night's sleep time and time again.

Sleep tips

At De Nachtwacht we don't try to sell you our favourite brand or overstock. We really listen to your story. Why are you looking for a new bed? Which physical issues should we take into account? Do you sleep on your stomach, back or side? Based on your experiences, we give you sleep tips and let you try out the various options for yourself.

Het Testnest

We want to make sure you make the right choice. That’s why you can test your future bed and mattress for yourself in our revamped sleep studio, ‘Het Testnest’. Spend a night in this tastefully decorated studio and try out up to four beds in one night!

Scandinavian sleep comfort of the highest level. Modern, functional and powerful designs.
Equilli, ergonomic mattresses, hand-made in Belgium. Customised mattresses tailored to your sleep pattern.
Swissflex, top-quality slatted bases and bed systems. Swiss craftsmanship with a passion for innovation.
Mirabel Slabbinck, stylish custom-made bedding. Bruges-based atelier boasting over 100 years of experience manufacturing every collection from design to finishing.
Alexandre Turpault, refined bedding according to French craftsmanship. Manufacturer of luxury textiles since 1847.
Brinkhaus, high-quality bedding. Natural down, fine hair or allergy-free textiles. This brand has it all!
SmartSleeve, intelligent mattress and pillow protectors that protect your mattress, your pillow and your sleep.
Bella Donna, manufacturer of fitted sheets and mattress protectors. Extra soft thanks to the use of natural materials.

Testimonial of Yvette & Marc

" We were welcomed with a smile and not once did we feel obliged to make a purchase. I have to say that the team behind this shop really focuses on the customer. And as a customer, this is of course what you want to see."

Testimonial of Hubert

"What an amazing shop! The saleswomen, the installers.... Everything and everyone was so well organised. We are very satisfied customers."

Testimonial of Geerard

"Meanwhile, I've had my bed for 5 years and I still sleep perfectly on it! My Magnitude makes me fall asleep immediately over and over again and my arms no longer fall asleep and they don't feel numb anymore when I wake up".

Testimonial of Dirk

"Thanks to my custom mattress I feel that my entire body benefits from just the support I need. I now sleep 5 to 6 hours a night and I don't have to get up that often, which is quite an improvement for me".

Testimonial of Jacqueline & Maurice

"The doctor had advised us to buy an adjustable base. My wife sometimes suffers from swollen legs, and I have to lie a bit higher because of health problems"

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Testimonial of Frédéric

"We were eager to test the mattress before making a final purchase. That was no problem at all, thanks to Het Testnest at De Nachtwacht, where you can try out your preferred bed or mattress for a night".

Testimonial of Steven & Annelies

"From the first contact in the shop to the final delivery, everything went so smoothly. The team passionately took us along on a journey that felt like a tale of one thousand and one nights."

Testimonial of Elke

"The team at De Nachtwacht gave me excellent expert advice and recommended a fantastic bed. To anyone with back problems I would say, go to De Nachtwacht, they definitely have a solution for you!"

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Testimonial of Sofie

"Auping nights better days... Auping lives up to its promise! Some 'disadvantages'? I end up falling asleep faster, I feel like a good lie-in and I snooze for longer..."

Testimonial of Phebe

"Since I struggle with osteoarthritis, a good bed with an adapted mattress is very important. "

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De Nachtwacht in Kortrijk is often labelled Belgium's most beautiful sleep shop. Discover everything we have to offer and find your ideal bed right here.